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    Several sets of food EPC project construction experience
    Several sets of food EPC project construction experience
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    R & D and manufacturing

    R & D and manufacturing

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     As a rising star in the recycling cereal dryer industry, Rice Rice has the responsibility to provide customers with high-quality drying equipment and solutions, the company brings together a large number of technical experts and R & D personnel, through and Jilin University of cereal drying experts work closely , With the development of domestic and international leading high-efficiency series of grain dryer products, and the provincial agricultural machinery to promote the station to communicate with each other, and continuously improve product performance and quality, in the face of customer differentiation of individual needs, wheat and rice continue to adjust the product structure, Seize the opportunity to develop new product lines to meet customer requirements.

      The quality of the product is from the technical and quality of its long-term concern, the company actively implement the lean production, total quality management of the international manufacturing industry's latest production model and concept of raw material procurement to the production process to the inspection and testing are carried out Strict and effective control to ensure that the product of zero defects and excellent quality, product quality has always been in the domestic leading position and has continued competitiveness.


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