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    Several sets of food EPC project construction experience
    Several sets of food EPC project construction experience
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    Talent Concept

    Talent Concept

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    • Time of issue:2020-06-22 00:00:00
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    First, people-oriented, people are the greatest wealth

    We always believe that talent is love the most valuable wealth. Only employees in a good working environment, have the talent to display the largest space, companies can be developed by leaps and bounds. "People-oriented" is the first respect for talent, on the basis of equality, respect for the career development goals of employees, respect for employees of the different views put forward by enterprises. Second, under the premise of respect, to care for employees, as employees for business partners, to help them achieve the best career return on investment. Again, "people-oriented" to do according to the staff director, dedicated, as much as possible to provide a platform for development.

    Second, the mind of the talent

    ◆ have to adapt to the values ??of modern society, including a firm ideals and beliefs and innovative consciousness

    Firm ideals and beliefs should be composed of deep historical and cultural accumulation of the spiritual pillar, the spirit of innovation is expressed as a scientific spirit, a character quality, a state of mind, a pursuit of excellence in psychological orientation, an initiative to change their own And the resilience of the environment.

    ◆ have to adapt to the development of modern society knowledge structure

    Embodied in the broad field of knowledge and vision, should stand in the forefront of knowledge, with an international perspective, the pursuit of new discoveries, explore new laws, create new theories, create new ways to accumulate new knowledge.

    ◆ have a perfect personality in line with the development of modern society

    Should be the outstanding cultural achievements of mankind, including ethics, philosophy, history, literature, art and so on into a stable internal quality, know why life, why students, including how to deal with people and nature, people and society, people The relationship between, as well as their own rational, emotional, will and other issues.

    Third, the principle of employment

    ◆ with the mechanism to attract people, with the environment cohesion, with the cause to retain people, with the system to protect people.

    ◆ both ability and political re-use, no virtue no talented people do not have, no virtue can be used without the use of talented people who can not use.

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