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    SINCE 2009

    Hefei Maidaozhixing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional grain dryer established in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China and has passed the certification of three systems (quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system) and five-star after-sales service system Manufacturer. Since its establishment, the company has  ...

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      "Wheat Star" helps harvest
      At 4:30 on April 11, 2015, the 8th China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Exhibition) in Nanjing, Jiangsu came to an end, and all the employees of Hefei Wheat Rice Star Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. were on the booth Take a group photo. Looking back at the three-day agricultural machinery event, everyone was in a great mood; the 5HGM-30 type grain dryer exhibited by the company has attracted the attention and favor of many customers. During the meeting, the customers of the wheat rice star booth continued to flow, and old and new friends gathered together, and the market demand information continued to flow. As a professional manufacturer of grain dryers in China, we have the responsibility and confidence to set up a national banner in the field of grain drying and build the first national brand of dryers in China.
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    • 2020-06-04
      Rice Star to build China's first brand of dryers
      April 11, 2015 at 4:30 pm Jiangsu Nanjing, the eighth China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (referred to as Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Exhibition) came to an end, Hefei wheat and rice Star Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. all the exhibitors on the booth Take pictures. Recalling the three days of agricultural activities, we feel the surging; company exhibitors 5HGM-30-type grain dryer by many customers attention and favor. During the meeting, the rice and rice stars booth customers endless stream, old and new friends together, the market demand information continuously. As a domestic professional food dryer manufacturers, we have the responsibility to have confidence in the field of grain drying up the national banner, to build the first brand of Chinese dryer.
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    • 2020-06-04
      Fujian Jianyang will mouth town Xingmin agricultural cooperatives cereal drying machine ignition operation
      October 17 at 8 am, Jianyang City, Fujian Province will be the town of Xingmin agricultural cooperatives to invest in the installation of wheat and rice 5HGM-15 grain dryer ignition operations, which will be the surrounding farmers to provide timely drying of food A strong guarantee. Will be the town of Xingmin agricultural cooperatives was established in July 2009, Jianyang City is the establishment of the earliest one of the agricultural production cooperatives. As of the end of 12, members of the membership reached 51 people, with more than 270 sets of various types of agricultural machinery sets, the annual output value of more than 300 million. Effectively solve the agricultural production "three bend" problem, alleviate the rural labor force due to the shortage of agricultural production after the contradiction between the increase in food production and laid a solid foundation. In recent years, with the extensive application of agricultural machinery and the continuous improvement of agronomic level, grain production has doubled, the contradiction between the harvest after the sun began to highlight, everywhere the phenomenon of sun drying, not only time and effort, affecting the quality of grain, But also to the safety of traffic buried a serious security risks. In order to solve this contradiction, Xingmin agricultural cooperatives conform to the trend, self-financing of 17 million yuan, apply for national agricultural subsidies 8 million yuan, the purchase of drying capacity of 30 tons of large-scale grain dryer into production, not only effective Alleviate the problem of drying the grain, but also become a new profit growth point of the cooperative. Xingmin agricultural cooperatives president Xu Zhikang said with deep feeling, "the party's agricultural subsidies to the policy of wow, the dryer is high efficiency, not afraid of wind and rain, and people do not fight to grab the land, we no longer have to eat Now the villagers around the r
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    • 2020-06-04
      The road of development under the new environment
      June 2012, my company enrolled in the Huaxia Bank and the China Enterprise Association jointly organized the second "China Star" Chinese enterprises elite training camp, wheat and rice by virtue of their own strength in the 668 companies stand out , Our general manager Dong Bangchao became one of 40 official training members, together with other business owners on November 13 gathered in Tsinghua.
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